Ricky Wilson

Ricky Wilson moved to South Carolina with his wife, Sarah, to plant Impact Drayton in May 2017.

Ricky is originally from Ohio and grew up in a small town near Cincinnati. Growing up, both of Ricky's parents struggled with drug addiction, and by age 12, Ricky began buying and selling drugs and stolen property to care for his family. During Ricky's teenage years he battled depression, PTSD and anxiety, and was filled with hate and anger. Even with these struggles, and tried everything he could think of to "fix" himself.

It wasn't until age twenty that he was invited to church for the first time in his life, and he experienced the love of Jesus, and that changed everything!


Since then, He has been on a  mission to share his experience with Jesus so others can be freed from the same things that plagued him for so long! God has given Ricky a broken heart for people far from God and those who are seeking purpose and identity. 

Since making the move to the Upstate, Ricky and Sarah have had three children --daughters Elliana and Haddie, and a son Titus -- and continued to follow in obedience for what God has for them. 

Lead Pastor


Taylor Little

Taylor is originally from Florida but grew up most of his life in Ohio, a small town, Sardinia, near Cincinnati. Growing up Taylor was always seeking his purpose and identity, struggling to really find who he was. That led him into some trouble with alcohol. At a young age, 14 to 15 years old he had some experiences with alcohol, not realizing the impact it was going to have on his life down the road.


In his young twenties Taylor had continued to have major battles with identity and purpose which led him into spending endless weekends at the bars and chasing things that was destroying him on the inside. At the age of 25, Taylor realized he didn’t know who he was or what he was suppose to be doing in this life. One day he had a conversation with God on his way to a flag football tournament and he came to see somebody he had not seen in 3 years. In short, Taylor expressed everything he had been going through and that person, being Ricky, shared Jesus with him. On that day Taylor stepped into a relationship with Jesus and since that time, Taylor has been on the same mission of sharing the love of Christ with others who are broken inside looking to find their identity and purpose.


From the time Taylor has moved to the Upstate, God has blown up in his life calling and leading him to ministry, helping others to discover what Christ is calling them to as well. He loves discipleship because through the process of building vulnerability, intimacy and accountability in that with someone, with Christ, it will allow for transformation to take place in ways we have never seen before.

Associate Pastor

Support Staff


Sarah Curruth

Sarah Carruth is no stranger to the Upstate. She is a graduate of USC Upstate, with a Bachelors of Sociology and is currently pursuing her Masters in Divinity at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

College was a major turning point for Sarah's faith. She joined a campus ministry, BCM, that she says "strengthened [her] faith in God and gave [her] a foundation that was needed to walk the path of what He has called me to do" and directed her path to where she is today in faith and profession. 

Sarah is passionate about teaching kids the love of God and what real relationship with Him looks like. She wants to ensure children at ID Clifton are given a strong faith foundation and understand what it means to be a true follower of God. 

Children's Director