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I just finished reading through the book of Colossians I have read through this book many other times but this time the only thing that I could focus on was Colossians four… Paul is speaking to the church to make the most of every opportunity this stopped me dead in my tracks and the Holy Spirit really started speaking to my heart… I thought about this idea of making the most of every opportunity and rightly so my mind jumped to time, time this concept that I don’t really understand because I’m not quite sure what time is or what time means…Im not saying I don’t understand a clock, hours, or minutes but time how it has been going since before me and will go after me, and how I only have a certain amount of it and then my time on earth is over it literally blows my mind to think about. As i continued to think I could only come to this simple conclusion time is important and every second matters…I know you have heard this before and you understand, but do you? Let me share a story with you that helped me better understand time…My grandpa was a very interesting guy people called him “skip” he dropped out of school in 5th grade, was in prison a few times and for a big part of his life was a pimp in downtown Cincinnati and was even in a motor cycle gang he was the only grandpa that I knew of that had a reputation like that! My grandpa ended up getting pancreatic cancer in 2015 and it was very serious he was immediately put into hospice and began to slowly pass away he was 72…I saw a moment an opportunity to make the most of this time with him, as I sat with him for what was most likely going to be the last time I seized it and talked to him about the Lord he said “I know there is a God” and with tears in his eyes said “But I am not good enough for God because of the things that I have done” Then God allowed me to take this moment and to make this moment greater than any moment that my grandpa had ever had his last moments would be the best and most important of his life and I shared with him the grace of God and the power of Jesus to take all his sin, all his wrong, and all his past and adopt him as a son thorough the sacrifice of Jesus Christ…and at that moment He was adopted he gave himself to the Lord. The Lord had pursued him his entire life and finally my grandpa gave into the pursuit! As I thought about this moment I realized that these verses that I had read were all about seizing that moment making a moment that seems so simple and can even seem meaningless taking that moment and allowing God to make that moment matter…everyday we have these moments that we take for granted the opportunity to change the world with one moment but we have the mindset that we will have another one or that one minute is not that valuable…When we get into this mindset we lose the power that is possessed in that one moment because we choose to let it pass by instead of seizing it and using it! I took the moment with my grandpa just the same as when I was 20 years old and someone looked at me and seized the moment to share with me life changing love and grace! Go now and take the moments don’t let them pass by but seize the power in the moment to change someones life because Jesus seized the moment on the cross to give us the life changing Gospel!!

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