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Christmas long ago...

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Christmas is without a doubt my favorite time of the year! The lights, the cookies, and the cold weather- it all fills me with the warm and fuzzies! This time of the year also makes me about as nostalgic as possible remembering Christmas when I was a kid and all of the amazing things of the 90’s and early 2000’s like Super Nintendo, pockets pets and all of the other fun Christmas gifts. I remember all of these great Christmas gifts and all of the amazing Christmas memories. Now I try to recreate them for my family and I have realized that it never works. Every year it just doesn’t feel like those old Christmases and every year I’m let down that it’s not what I aspired for in my mind. This year though, I realized why. This year God taught me something I had never realized. The reason

I can’t recreate those emotions of Christmas in the past is because I’m older. You may be thinking “ok who cares?” I am older and as I grow older I grow wiser and as I have grown wiser I have realized that Christmas is amazing but it’s no longer the number one highlight of my year. It’s no longer the most magical moment of my year. When

I was a kid,!Christmas was the highlight and the climax of my entire year. Now I no longer have the aspirations of my 5 year old self. I have grown to find out there are greater things and greater purpose than my dude Santa! This holiday season I learned that I was created for BIGGER moments than Christmas. I have seen salvation like Simeon from

Luke 2! I was created for one moment and I have experienced it! I have seen salvation, so from now on, all moments will be lesser than when I saw salvation! Honestly, my moments will never be bigger than that one, so why try to focus on other moments that will never compare? Why try to make these moments that will bring me a magical emotion? I don’t think there is any reason to. I think my moments should instead be focused on giving others moments helping others to see salvation! Through this, my moments will be more valuable than my emotion!

This Christmas season and as we head into January, be a MOMENT MAKER!!! Show people salvation!!!

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