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You might be wondering, what is discipleship?

Discipleship is one-on-one, honest engagement about the Gospel. Jesus gives us a clear picture of biblical community in the New Testament gospels: He gathers with large groups of people to teach, He establishes a small group of people to walk with even more closely, and even within that group, He teaches and guides individual disciples.

Which leads us to, who is discipleship for?

The short answer is that discipleship is for everyone, no matter where they are on their spiritual journey.


You don't have to be a believer to begin discipleship, and it is actually a great place to start if you're curious. Discipleship is also important for those already walking with God. If we're following Jesus's example from scripture, then we acknowledge that we need large group teaching, small group discussion, individualized discipleship, and a one-on-one relationship with God.

So, how do I begin my discipleship journey?

Well, that's the easy part. Just reach out to one of our staff members, shoot us a text at

(513) 913-5585!

If you are interested in learning about discipleship in general, click the button below to find out more!

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